SAPEMA was born in 1974 thanks to the commitment of brothers Manoni Mentore and Valentino, who had always been working as entrepreneurs in different fields, with the aim of placing themselves competitively in the market of processings of stainless steel surfaces.

From the beginning the company made the processing reliability and quality its production strong point.

Later on, thanks to the work of its owners and thanks to the arrival of the new generation in the firm, SAPEMA has steadily increased and developed its production over the years, without forgetting its initial vocation, and by combining the processing service, with the trading of quality stainless steels, both raw and satinized.

Thanks to the experience gained during thirty years of work and to the aid of the machinery and of a qualified staff, today SAPEMA is able to best satisfy the requests of its ever-increasing and ever more demanding customers, by guaranteeing the utmost precision and reliability in all negotiation stages.

Today it establishes itself in the stainless steel market as a firm that can guarantee expertise, quality and promptness in the execution of orders.
SAPEMA srl - 20092 Cinisello (MI) - Via Brodolini, 10 - Tel 02.6124191 - Fax 02.66010361